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Ever wonder what's really missing in your life that keeps you from achieving your personal and professional dreams? Developing a relationship with yourself is the first place to start.

Infuse more calm, health, and joy in your relationships and in the world...join us at one of our UPCOMING EVENTS!

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A one of a kind research-based, spiritual empowerment program that utilizes mindfulness, neuroscience, storytelling, and experiential exercises to infuse more calm, health, and joy in your relationships and in the world.

Spiritual Program for Individual and Couple Empowerment

For individuals and couples seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives and relationships.  Whether you're floundering, fine, or fabulous, SPICE aims to bring you to the next level.

 “I started the program worrying the whole time about my partner’s reaction.  I ended it instead amazed with my own personal growth.” - Anonymous

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Strong relationships are positively linked to better physical and mental health.

Mindfulness means to engage in present moment awareness without judgment.

“Gave me a new perspective on how I think about mind health and overall well-being – highly recommend.” – Ingrid

Looking at your life through a holistic lens leads to


The simple practice of awareness has been found to have numerous benefits, such as decreased emotional reactivity, increased empathy and compassion, and improved behavior management.  All of which lead to improved relational satisfaction. 

Through teaching mindfulness to individuals and couples, increased health and wellness has been proven to occur.

“This weekend has been one of my favorite experiences with my husband.” – Anonymous

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About How to Transform Your Life and Relationships Through SPICE

Cedar Rapids Therapy

I've been in the therapy field for over two decades and have been doing business as Cedar Rapids Therapy, PLLC as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over ten years.  I'm experienced in individual, couples, and family counseling. Current clients can find more information by clicking the link below.


SPICE is an 8-lesson course developed to help couples increase mindfulness - "mindfulness means to engage in the present moment" - and improve relationships. The term "spiritual" is used in a secular context, and refers to purpose seeking and meaning making. 

My Story

Because of what I've learned through the struggles in my own marriage, the wisdom I've gained as a couples therapist, and the knowledge I've acquired getting a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, I believe I've situated myself perfectly for the creation and distribution of a holistic program for relational well-being.

Are you ready to begin?


A spiritual program for individual and couple empowerment.

I designed this program for my dissertation project, and it is truly my passion and purpose to help you add greater meaning to your days.  I want to help you add spice to your life.

Mindfulness practices, neuroscientific teaching, narrative storytelling, and experiential exercises that are specifically related to the areas of Faith, Family, Forgiveness, Fitness, Food, Finances, and Fun will be utilized.

Through teaching mindfulness to individuals and couples, increased individual and relational well-being can and has been proven to occur. Relationship education programs have also been proven to have positive benefits for couples, but a program that focuses on and teaches mindfulness skills does not currently exist. That is why the Spiritual Program for Individual and Couple Empowerment (SPICE) has been developed.


8 Lessons, split into seven topics (First lesson includes an introduction to the full course)

    • Lesson 1: Mindfulness and Spirituality
    • Lesson 2: Mindfulness and Faith
    • Lesson 3: Mindfulness and Family
    • Lesson 4: Mindfulness and Forgiveness
    • Lesson 5: Mindfulness and Fitness
    • Lesson 6: Mindfulness and Food
    • Lesson 7: Mindfulness and Finances
    • Lesson 8: Mindfulness and Fun

Lesson Elements

  • Introduction
  • The Practice of Mindful Meditation of Body, Breath, and Mind
  • Neuroscience and Psychoeducation (Neuropsychotherapy)
  • Narrative Storytelling
  • Experiential Exercise
  • Summarization of the Spiciest Elements

Each lesson is roughly an hour of content, with individual elements varying in length.


“This program introduced meditation and the science behind it and the benefits.  I found this so refreshing and a reminder to be mindful and kind to myself and spouse.”


“I did not know what to expect, but I’m glad I attended.  I can take away some useful tools to help me navigate our complicated world.  Keep doing your program – I learned a great deal and am excited to apply the techniques.  It was a positive experience overall.  It changed my perception – I’m capable of improving my health and my relationships.”

Frankline T.

“I really appreciated Dr. Lemon’s vulnerability and willingness to share personal stories.  Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of being here.  This is definitely something I’ll never forget.”


“Good program.  Thought provoking.”

Kelly & Dave

“In our 31 years of marriage, there have been times when one, or both, of us has needed a neutral, trustworthy, and knowledgeable person with whom to share concerns, worries, issues or differences about varying topics. Julie has been that person for Dave and me. Sharing personal and private information doesn’t come easy; however, her personality makes it feel so natural. Her knowledge, life experience and ability to keenly listen and provide thought-provoking reflections on our behavior, and reactions to others, is exceptional. We believe the strengths that we have in our marriage and family have come through consistent, open communication and addressing difficult topics to avoid a build-up of resentment and maintain healthy relationships. We work with Julie intermittently as our needs arise, as well as consistently through extended periods of difficult times. We have discussed individual, couple, and family issues with her and have always felt like we received solid guidance. We look forward to working with her in the future by partaking in one of her SPICE workshops. If you, or someone you know, needs a reputable, skilled mental health therapist, we encourage you to reach out to her. We can say, with confidence, you will be glad you did!”


“Love hearing about your experiences as a therapist.  You have knowledge very few have.  Meditation was fantastic.”


“Truly beautiful, heartwarming program that brings to light what is truly important.  Makes me want to be my best self, not only for myself, but for my partner.  I’m extremely grateful for the experience and feel immensely blessed to be part of the SPICIEST group.”


“Thank you for expanding my knowledge of the 7 “F’s” and giving me the tools to use this knowledge in my current relationships, new relationships, and to let old relationships go that no longer serve me.  I really loved the whole experience and think it will become more fluid as you help more and more people.”

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