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Spiritual Program

for Individual and Couple Empowerment

SPICE will inspire an attitude of non-judgment, curiosity, and open-heartedness as a means toward healthier relational interactions and connections. Through intention, attention, and attitude, individuals will be better able to cultivate acceptance of self and others, and a sense of relational empowerment and strength can blossom. 

Each lesson will include the practice of mindfulness meditation, the latest in neuroscientific findings related to mindfulness, and psycho-spiritual education regarding how a regular practice contributes to mental wellbeing and relationship health. Also, included in each lesson will be a narrative component and an experiential segment.


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Mindfulness & SPIRITUALITY

The learning objectives for the first lesson of the SPICE program will be to define spirituality, mindfulness (formal and informal), meditation, and neuroplasticity, and then to teach you and your partner to apply formal and informal mindfulness techniques to everyday situations, especially as related to your relationship. 

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Mindfulness & FAITH

These learning objectives will be to support you in developing a practice of self-compassion and compassion for your partner. An overview of contemporary research findings related to compassion will be provided in order for you to understand the important and significant role that it can play in your overall health and wellbeing, and especially, the health of your couple relationship.

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Mindfulness & FAMILY

Healthy spirituality is found in harmony with our fellow creatures; therefore, the learning objectives of lesson three will involve illustrating the importance of connecting as a couple, as a family system, and recognizing the interconnectedness that is shared as a family of the world. 

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Mindfulness & FORGIVENESS

Due to the numerous benefits of forgiveness to health and relationships, the learning objectives of lesson four will be to explain these benefits and assist you in using mindfulness to promote forgiveness toward self, your partner, and others. 

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Mindfulness & FITNESS

The learning objectives of session five will focus on fitness of the body and mind through movement/exercise and proper rest.  The facilitator will enumerate the numerous health benefits that exercise and sleep provide not only for individuals but also couples, and a mindful movement exercise will be conducted.

Picture of Food

Mindfulness & FOOD

The learning objectives of lesson six will include defining mindful eating, explaining the gut-brain connection, and then assisting the participants in the engagement of a mindful eating exercise.  Couples will be supported in developing mindful eating practices as part of their relational story.

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Mindfulness & FINANCES

In lesson seven, the learning objectives will focus on the promotion of mindful spending and money management practices that support couple empowerment and promote positive societal change.  Participants will also learn how neuroscience can assist them in practicing smarter financial habits, and they will set realistic financial goals with their partner.

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Mindfulness & FUN

In lesson eight, the learning objectives will concentrate on integrating more playful moments, including in the bedroom, into the couple relationship.  Mindfulness and its attention to the present moment will be used as a means of facilitating a playful connection. 

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Man and woman holding hands

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